How to set up a beacon in Minecraft

In Minecraft, a beacon is a craftable block that gives nearby players powerful buffs. These power-ups can make you much stronger and more efficient, but since beacons are very difficult to create, they are usually created late in the game.

In this tutorial, we will explain what a beacon is, how to create one, and how to use it.

What is a lighthouse?

A beacon is a block that creates a vertical beam of light that players can see from afar, acting as a guide back to that location.

Each Minecraft beacon is an individual block, but they must be formed into beacon pyramids to activate. The larger the pyramid, the higher the level of the beacon.

A beacon can grant nearby players several status effects similar to potions or enchantments. These include five primary powers and two secondary powers. The power of status effects is multiplied by the level of the beacon pyramid.

Five main powers:

  • Speed ​​I: Increased movement speed (one-level pyramid).
  • I’m in a hurry: Increased mining and attack speed (one-level pyramid).
  • Jump Boost I: Increased jump height (2-level pyramid).
  • Resistance I: Reduction of damage received (2-level pyramid).
  • Strength I: Increased melee damage (3-level pyramid).

The two secondary powers include:

  • Regeneration I: Automatically restores health (4-level pyramid).
  • Increase primal power to level II (multiplying its effect).

Since some of the required materials are hard to come by, players usually create lighthouses at the end of the game. If you’re struggling to get to the point where you can build one, our Minecraft Beginner’s Guide can help.

How to find the necessary materials

To craft a lighthouse, you will need five glass blocks, three obsidian blocks, and one lower star. The first two are easy to get. To get glass, add sand to the furnace. To get obsidian, you simply need to find it (it occurs where water comes into contact with lava) and mine it with a diamond pick.

The Void Star is one of the rarest materials in Minecraft and is a bit harder to obtain. To find one:

  1. Travel to the Void using the Void Portal.
  1. Collect four soul sand blocks.
  1. Collect the three Flabby Skeleton skulls. They have a 2.5% chance to drop from Wither Skeletons, a difficult enemy found inside Void Fortresses.
  1. In the Overworld, create a “T” shape with soul sand and place three skulls on top.
  1. Vyane will appear. Defeat him and he will drop a Void Star.

Note: We’ve shown screenshots from the Java Edition, but don’t worry if you’re playing on console or Minecraft PE—the ingredients, recipe, and how to activate the beacon are the same for each.

How to make a lighthouse

Once you have all the materials, making a lighthouse is easy. Go to the crafting table and add three glass blocks to the top row. In the second row, add one glass, a Void star, and another glass. In the bottom row, add three obsidian blocks.

The cooking recipe looks like this:

How to activate the beacon

The beacon itself is inactive. To activate a beacon, you must place it on top of a pyramid made of any combination of the following materials:

  • Iron blocks
  • Gold blocks
  • Diamond blocks
  • Emerald blocks
  • Neterite blocks

There are four levels of pyramids, each of which increases the beacon’s power and range:

  • Level 1: A 3×3 base of 9 blocks. This has a range of 20 blocks and a duration of effect of 11 seconds.
  • Level 2: The base is 5×5 and the top is 3×3 with a total of 34 blocks. This has a range of 30 blocks and a duration of effect of 13 seconds.
  • Level 3: 7×7 base, 5×5 middle and 3×3 top with a total of 83 blocks. This has a range of 40 blocks and a duration of effect of 15 seconds.
  • Level 4: The base is 9×9, the second layer is 7×7, the third layer is 5×5 and the top layer is 3×3 with a total of 164 blocks. This has a range of 50 blocks and a duration of effect of 17 seconds.

When the pyramid is ready, simply place your beacon at the top center of the pyramid and it will activate.

The Beacon applies selected powers to all players within the Beacon’s radius every four seconds. This means that as long as the player remains in the area of ​​effect, the effects are permanent. When the player leaves the area of ​​effect, the powers persist until the end of the effect. Therefore, the best time to exit the radius of effect is immediately after the powers are restored (ie at the start of the next four second cycle).

How to use the beacon

Once your beacon is activated, you can right-click on the beacon to access its menu and select the status effects you wish to receive.

To activate the status effect, you must feed a gold ingot, iron ingot, netherite ingot, diamond, or emerald to the beacon. Do this:

  1. Add material to open slot.
  1. Select badge power you want to activate.
  1. Click on Tick ​​mark.

The effect of the activated status can be changed at any time; you just need to feed it another item.

To get each buff, you must create six separate beacons. Your other option is to create a multi-beacon pyramid with a 10×11 base, an 8×9 second layer, a 6×7 third layer, and a 4×5 top layer.

On top of this in the center are beacons in a 2×3 configuration. This provides all six beacon effects from a single structure using the least amount of resources.

You can customize the lighthouse however you like, crafting it from any combination of acceptable mineral blocks you want. You can even customize the color of the beacon light. To do this, simply place the stained glass block on top of the lighthouse.

Blinded by the Light

Hopefully, with the help of this step-by-step guide, you are now the happy owner of one of the most sought-after items in Minecraft. With beacon boosts, you’ll be ready to take on Ender’s dragon in no time.

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